Classes: what, when and where

See the venues page for details of locations of the classes listed below.

Classes are organised into short terms, paid for in advance, although new students can start at any time, payment depending on the number of weeks remaining.

Please contact me to see if there are spaces available.

Dawlish - The Manor House

  • Monday evenings: 6.30 - 8.00 pm: Hatha Yoga

  • Wednesday mornings: 10.00 - 11.30 am: Hatha Yoga

  • Wednesday afternoons: 2.00 - 3.00 pm: Gentle Yoga

Holcombe - Holcombe Village Hall

Dates and Costs

Terms are normally 10 weeks in two 5-week half-terms with a break of a week between each.

The cost of the term is £80 although this may be paid in two instalments of £40.

This year I am introducing a further option of paying £45 for a package of 5 classes, which you can use at any time. It will still be necessary to book a space in one of the classes however. Please contact me for further details.

Term 1:

Jan 3rd - Jan 31st

Feb 14th - Mar 14th

[Note: no class Bank Hol Mon Jan 3rd,

hence cost for Mon class: £32/£40]

Term 2:

Mar 28th - Apr 25th

May 16th - Jun 13th

[Note: no classes Bank Hol Mon Apr 18th or Thurs 2nd Jun,

hence cost £32/£40 for the Mon class; £40/£32 for the Thurs class]

You can come along for a taster session at any point during the term for a cost of £8.00, paying for the remainder of the term if you wish to continue.

Hatha Yoga classes

These classes consist mainly of Yoga asana (postures) with some breathing and meditative techniques. The classes focus more on positional yoga practice rather than on Vinyasa flow. This means that although there will be a natural flow from one asana to the next, postures will be held for longer and there will be less continuous dynamic movement as is the case with Vinyasa Yoga.

The classes vary in content from week to week with options available that make the practice accessible for beginners as well as providing a challenge for more advanced students if they wish it.

All students receive individual attention according to their needs allowing students to work to their "comfortable maximum" if they wish but always following the Yogic principle of ahimsa, to do no harm to self or others.

More info on Hatha Yoga

Gentle Yoga classes

The term Gentle Yoga can be confusing as it tends to mean different things to different Yoga teachers. These classes consist of a mixture of warm up exercises and non-challenging Yoga postures. We will also practice meditative breathing exercises and restorative relaxation and Yoga nidra. The classes are suitable for all but will be particular useful for complete beginners and those who might find a standard class too physically demanding.


Please contact me to ensure a space is available first.

Cash is accepted; cheques should be made payable to: Philip Cross

or for direct bank transfer:

Account number: 05125218

Sort code: 07-04-36

What you need

Please bring a yoga mat if you have one or contact me to ensure I have one you can borrow for the session.