Classes: what, when and where

Please note that due to government advice regarding the coronavirus, all classes are currently suspended.

See the venues page for details of locations of the classes below.

Classes are organised into 7/8 week terms, paid for in advance, although new students can start at any time, payment depending on the number of weeks remaining.

Please contact me to see if there are spaces available.

Dawlish - The Manor House

Holcombe - Holcombe Village Hall


Winter/Spring 2020

w/b 2nd March - 6th April

(6 weeks)


The cost for the term is £47 paid in advance.

You can come along for a taster session at any point during the term for a cost of £8.00, paying for the remainder of the term if you wish to continue.

Hatha Yoga classes

These classes consist mainly of Yoga asana (postures) with some breathing and meditative techniques. The classes vary in content from week to week with options available that make the practice accessible for beginners as well as providing a challenge for more advanced students if they wish it.

All students receive individual attention according to their needs allowing students to work to their "comfortable maximum" if they wish but always following the Yogic principle of ahimsa, to do no harm to self or others.

More info on Hatha Yoga

Gentle Stretch Yoga (Restorative yoga)

The Gentle Stretch Yoga classes are based on a form of yoga called Restorative Yoga and consist of an hour of non-strenuous, supported yoga postures that are designed to gently stretch the muscles and deeply relax the nervous system. There are no "strong" postures requiring strength in the upper body or legs. Postures are supine, prone or seated using supports such as bolsters, blankets and yoga blocks to hold the body comfortably while we relax into the postures over a period of 5 - 10 minutes.

The class is appropriate for all levels including beginning students, seniors, or those who want the benefits of Yoga but feel a normal Yoga class would be too difficult for them. As well as those who just want some deep relaxation!

The size of the group is small to enable individual attention.

More info on Restorative Yoga


Please contact me to ensure a space is available first.

Cash is accepted; cheques should be made payable to: Philip Cross

or for direct bank transfer:

Account number: 05125218

Sort code: 07-04-36

What you need

Please bring a yoga mat if you have one or contact me to ensure I have one you can borrow for the session.