News update: New term starting Monday 16th May

Welcome to the web site for PhilCrossYoga

I offer Yoga classes in Dawlish and Holcombe in South Devon.

Yoga aims to exercise both body and mind through the practice of postures, breath control and meditative techniques. Regular practice of Yoga can be both relaxing and energising; making you stronger and more supple. It can also lead to a more focused mind and a greater sense of inner well-being.

My sessions are tailored to the needs of the students attending any particular session and may include breathing exercises, meditative techniques and relaxation as well as the traditional Yoga postures.

I also offer a Gentle Yoga class, specifically aimed at complete beginners or to those who feel a standard class is too physically demanding.

Please use the menu at top left to find out more about my classes and I'll look forward to hearing from you.

Best wishes, Phil