Online Practice: Weekly Classes

This Weekly Classes page will contain a series of 45 - 60 minute sessions, mostly at a medium level of difficulty, although suitable for those without too much experience. (Complete beginners would be advised to wait until they can start live classes with a teacher, although they might find some of the practices in the Mixed Sessions page helpful).

Please feel free to use any of the resources below. They are all made in my front room for the benefit of anyone who needs some Yoga practice (which is everyone)!

If you enjoy any of the classes and would like to make a small payment, you can use the "Donate" button opposite. You might make a one-off payment and then use the resources as much as you want, or else make occasional small payments if you only use them from time to time. Anything from £1 upwards is fine but if times are hard, as they are for many of us, please use the resource for free, as the main intent is to help everyone get through the current crisis while you can't get to your local yoga teacher in person!

Please note the videos are made with a webcam so don't expect HD!


14th Jan 2021

A general workout beginning with joint rotations and sun salutations to warm up; finishing with relaxation.

21st Jan 2021

General workout focusing on side stretches and twists