What is Restorative/Gentle Stretch Yoga?

Please note that the Gentle Stretch Yoga classes are no longer being run for the present but have been replaced by Gentle Yoga classes.

Due to the complexities and challenges of the modern world, many of us lead lives that involve a great deal of stress - often to such an extent that we no longer see this as unusual. From the point of view of our bodies, this means that our sympathetic nervous system (which produces the "Flight or Fight" response) is continually being activated, far more than our bodies have evolved to cope with. This leads to stress-related diseases such as high blood pressure and heart disease as well as poor sleep patterns, anxiety and depression. It also reduces our body's natural ability to protect and heal itself from many other illnesses.

Restorative Yoga classes use props such as bolsters, cushions and blankets, to comfortably support the body in various postures, lasting from 5 to 10 minutes or more, bringing about a state of deep relaxation, both mental and physical. This damps down the sympathetic nervous system, bringing a healthy balance back into your life and promoting the body's own self-healing abilities.

My "Gentle Stretch Yoga" classes are based on Restorative Yoga but also include careful stretches and joint work to help increase flexibility and correctly align the body. Each session will include a variety of poses based upon standard yoga postures, moving the spine through different positions as well as gently invigorating the internal organs and improving the circulation of blood and lymph.

As all postures are fully supported, these classes do not require strength or agility and are suitable for those with no experience of Yoga to experienced Yogis who wish a change from a more demanding practice.

Restorative yoga posture: Mountain Stream